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2021 Main Sale

What a sale at the Derbyshire Gritstone annual breed show and sale at Clitheroe Auction Mart on Saturday October 9th 2021!

Trade was strong throughout with records smashed for both shearling tups, pens of 6 shearling ewes and single ewe lambs whilst tup lamb records were also equalled.

In the tup show ring the Eggleton family took top honours with male champion for a record 15th time and top placings in all 3 classes. With young Stanley Kempson (who’s keen as mustard at just 3 years old) taking the under 25s title - well done Stanley

When it came to the sale ring though it was Philip Read’s powerful shearling tup that set the mart alight - the last in a long line of excellent tups bred by Philip over the years. After a long bidding battle it was finally knocked down to the Eggleton’s for 6,200gns smashing the previous record by a further 1,700gns!!!

Mr Sunderland of Halifax then sold a strong shearling for 4,000gns to Richard Greenwood.

The days champion was sold to Mr Whitehead for 1,900gns and the reserve champion sold away at 1,700gns to Alan Heathcote!

John Eggleton’s 1st prize tup lamb went on to equal the record tup lamb price of 2,800gns selling to Joe Mitchell.

Notable tup prices:

Read 6,200gns to Eggleton

Sunderland 4,000gns to Greenwood

J Eggleton 2,800gns to J Mitchell

Scrivin 2,500gns to Kempson

Dixon 2,400gns to Hayton

Eggleton 2,000gns to Wilson

Eggleton 1,900gns to Whitehead

Eggleton 1,700gns to Heathcote

Mitchell 1,600gns to Barratt

Kempson 1,500gns to Mitchell

Redfearn/Needham 1,500gns to Campbell

Eggleton 1,200gns to Bretherton

Redfearn/Needham 1,200gns to Scrivin

Mares 1,200gns to Whitehead

Mitchell 1,100gns to Spooner

John & Craig Kempson’s champion single female (ewe lamb) went on to make £650 topping the old ewe lamb record by a further £200 selling to new breeder Grace Bretherton!

Susan Field yet again took the title for pens of 6 females (her 6th title) selling to a new record of £480 apiece selling to Mr/Mrs Ovan.

Full Show results

Aged Tups:

1st - D & S Eggleton, 2nd D & S Eggleton, 3rd Tracy Pickard

Shearling Tups

D & S Eggleton, D & S Eggleton, Clive Mitchell

Tup Lambs

J Eggleton, J Eggleton, J Eggleton

Under 25s

Stanley Kempson


Champion Tup - D &S Eggleton (Shearling tup), Reserve Champion Tup - D & S Eggleton (Aged tup)


Female classes:

Champion single female - John & Craig Kempson (Ewe lamb)

Reserve single female - Susan Field (Shearling ewe)

Champion pen of 6 went to Susan Field

2021 In-Lamb Ewe Sale:


Fantastic trade at the now annual sale of in-lamb Registered Derbyshire Gritstone ewes at Clitheroe Auction Mart in February

Market toppers were John and Craig Kempson with a quality, nicely marked homebred shearling ewe carrying twins to the 3,800gns Fielden. Bidding was fierce with the hammer finally falling to Megan Needham for a staggering new breed record for a female of 1,400gns! Congratulations to the Kempson family who now hold the records for both the highest priced ewe and the highest priced tup! Good work lads

Next at 920gns was another homebred ewe from the Kempson pen, again in-lamb to the Fielden tup - this one had been 1st prize ewe lamb at Hope Show in 2019. A grand dark headed shearling she was the pick of Amy Latham!

Other notable prices included:

Josh Redfearn and Megan Needham who sold lot 2, a dark headed 2-shear to young breeder Alice Hayton for 600gns and Andrew Atkinson who was reducing his flock achieved 580gns for a powerful High Moor bred 3-shear carrying triplets. Selling to new breeder Tracey Brotherton.

2020 Main Sale:


In short the 2020 Derbyshire Gritstone sale at Clitheroe Auction Mart on October 10th was dominated by 2 Fs... Face-masks and (Robert) Fielden.

Aged tups topped out at 850gns for a home bred Clive Mitchell tup, followed by 2 at 800gns. One for young Alice Hayton and another for Clive Mitchell.

In the shearling tups trade was mixed but ultimately dominated by a fantastic pen of tups from Robert Fielden who took the top and second top price on the day.

First up taking 4,000gns was Robert’s pen leader - a big, powerful tup which headed home with Stephen Charles followed closely by his second shearling at 3,800gns - a similar sort of powerful tup which made its way home with the Kempson brothers!

Sam Whitehead took 2,500gns for a bright looking tup which again headed home with the Kempson boys, who then set about recouping some of their outlay for themselves, first taking 2,400gns for a strong dark-faced tup from their pen of good tups, with this one heading home with J Greenwood.

Mr Fielden was then back in the money at 2,000gns selling another bonny tup to Clive Mitchell.

Other prices over 1,000gns

Fielden 1,700gns to Rachel Mahon

Kempson 1,700gns to Taylor Bros

Kempson 1,500gns to Robert Fielden

Kempson 1.450gns to Redfearn/Needham

Philip Read 1,400gns to Freddie Shorrocks

Redfearn/Needham 1,200gns to D Bath

Sam Whitehead 1,000gns to Alice Hayton

In the tup lambs John Eggleton took the top price of 650gns for a strong lamb out of the prolific ewe that was dam to the 2019 champion of champions. Next in line was the 500gns lamb from Stephen Charles which made its way home to East Lancashire with the Tattersall family.

In the females, shearling ewe trade was decent with notable prices for single shearlings from Susan Field at £390 and £310 and a shearling from first time vendor Melissa Bean that got knocked down at £350! With many sheep heading to new or recently established breeders.

Ewe lambs were less lively in trade and it was very much a buyers market as in many cases prices did not go much above the current strong store lamb prices that we’ve been experiencing - which was a pity as there were some bonny lambs forward.

Full sale stream can be found here: