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The Committee

The Derbyshire Gritstone Sheepbreeders Society has a committee who are dedicated to:

* Improving the quality of the breed

* Encouraging new members

* Supporting agricultural shows and events

Our Committee Members:
Mr A Birchenough, Derbyshire
Mr W N Broadhurst, Derbyshire

Mr B Brocklehurst, Derbyshire

Mr S Charles, Derbyshire

Mr B Crawshaw, Rochdale

Mr R P Evans, Derbyshire

Mr R Fielden, West Yorkshire

Mr R Greenwood, West Yorkshire

Mr T Harding, Derbyshire
Mr K Kempson, Lancashire

Mr C Mitchell, West Yorkshire

Mr & Mrs Morris, Cheshire
Mr N Muffitt, West Yorkshire

Miss M Needham - Greater Manchester
Mr P Read, West Yorkshire

Mr J Redfearn - Greater Manchester
Mr & Mrs Scriven, West Yorkshire
Mr E Tattersall, Lancashire
Miss K Walsh, Lancashire

Show Judges

The Derbyshire Gritstone Sheepbreeders Society has a number of individuals available for judging Derbyshire Gritstone classes at shows across the country.


If you would like to contact one of our judges for your show please contact the Society secretary:

Christine Scriven
Phone: 07889 860 137

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