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Breeders / Flock Prefixes

When you buy or sell a tup they should have a metal registration tag placed in their left ear. On this tag should be the breeders flock prefix - i.e. their flock name and normally a number. Here is a list of the prefixes we know to be active 

Active Flock Prefixes

Prefixes A-H

ABNEY - H Eyre (Derbyshire)

ALDER CARR - A Blackwell (Derbyshire)

ASTON - S Charles (Derbyshire)

BARN CLOSE - J Palreyman (Derbyshire)

BENTERS - M Bean (Staffordshire)

BENTLEY BROOK - P & Z Gill (Staffordshire)

BESWICK - J Friedrich (Lancashire)

BLACK MOUNTAIN - J Powell-Jones (Monmouthshire)

BLINDSIDE - G. Cooper (Derbyshire)

BRADLEY - T Pickard (Lancashire)

BRADSHAW FELDS - R Wood (Derbyshire)

BR FIELD - B Crawshaw (Lancashire)

BROW TOP - A Hayton (Cumbria)

BRYNNANT - A Jones & R Bryn (Shropshire)

CADSHAW - J Mares (Lancashire)

CARBANK - L. Tattersall (Lancashire)

CHEVIN - S. Cassidy (Derbyshire)

COBANK - W N Broadhurst (Derbyshire)

COLDWELL - C R Mitchell (West Yorkshire)

COMBS - R Barratt (Derbyshire)

CORNMILL - A Atkinson (Lancashire)

CORRIE - J A Thom (Lockerbie)

COWPE - K Kempson (Lancashire)

CRAKE MOOR - A Clough (Cumbria)

CROKER HILL - R Gibson (Cheshire)

DALE - R Evans (Derbyshire)

DALLOW - M Watson (North Yorkshire)

DEAN - P Read (West Yorkshire)

DEERPLAY HILL - L Cropper (Lancashire)

DRUMLEA - D Keiley (Kirkcudbrightshire)

DYNELEY - J Shorrock (Lancashire)

EDENMOOR - E & P Howard (Lancashire)

FIELDHEAD - J Bramwell (West Yorkshire)

GADLYS - A Thomas (Bridgend)

GILL - T. Chapple-Gill (Powys)

GRANGE - R Fielden (West Yorkshire)

GREENEND - J Catterick (West Yorkshire)

GREYSTONES - J Smalley (Lancashire)

HAMER - L. H Lowe (Great Manchester)

HARROP - J Eggleton (West Yorkshire)

HARTLEY - R Greenwood (West Yorkshire)

HEBDEN - A Sunderland (West Yorkshire)

HEY HOUSE - J Henthorn (Greater Manchester)

HIGHFLD - P Cooper (Derbyshire)

HIGH MOOR - Mrs S Eggleton (West Yorkshire)

HIGHSTONE - J Cooper (South Yorkshire)

HILLSIDE - J & M Redfearn (Greater Manchester)

HOLLIN BANK - K Walsh (Lancashire)

HOME FARM - R Mahon (Derbyshire)

Prefixes I-Z

INGLEBOROUGH - E Robinson (North Yorkshire)

KEELHAM - K Ashworth (Lancashire)

KEYSTONE - R & L Walker (North Yorkshire)

LANESIDE - J Mitchell (Lancashire)

LANSDOWNE - M Roberts (West Yorkshire)

LONGSHAW - T Adlington (Derbyshire)

MEADOWSIDE - R Davidson (Lancashire)

MIDDLECALE - J. Bowden (Cheshire)

MIDSHIRES - H Stephens (Derbyshire)

MILLCROFT - P Milligan (Lancashire)

MILL POND - D Hobbs (Dorset)

MTHFF - M & M Tattersall (Lancashire)

NEWSTOCK - J Smith (Lancashire)

NIGHTAM - A & H Morris (Derbyshire)

OAK HILL - Mr J Terry (Warwickshire)

OAK HILL 2 - Master J Terry (Warwickshire)

PEAK - J & D Hughes (Derbyshire)

PINHAW - J & C Scrivin (North Yorkshire)

PIONEER - P Dixon (Yorkshire)

PURDY - S Purdy (Lancashire)

QUANDFORD - A Tunnicliffe (Derbyshire)

QUARRY - N Muffitt (West Yorkshire)

QUIXHILL - A & L White (Staffordshire)

RAINOW - S & A Heathcote (Derbyshire)

RAISBECK - C & K Heeley (Cumbria)

RAMSCLOUGH - Whitworth (Lancashire)

RIDGEWAY - N Langdon (Warwickshire)

ROACHES - T A Spooner (Staffordshire)

RUDHAM - R Day (Norfolk)

STONEY RAIKES - L Gregson (Lancashire)

SWAIN - B & J Green (Lancashire)

SPITTAL - T Harding (Derbyshire)

STOOPS - E Lawton (Cheshire)

STUD - Taylor Brothers (North Yorkshire)

TAINANT - G Napper (Shropshire)

THISTLE - K Clarke (West Yorkshire)

TIM - A Jennings (North Yorkshire)

UPPER EDGE - L Eggleton (West Yorkshire)

VALE O GOYT - S Garton (Cheshire)

WARDGATE - J Grindley (Derbyshire)

WERNETH - C Bennison (Greater Manchester)

WHISTON EAVES - C Robertson (Lancashire)

WINDGATHER - V Baggott (Cheshire)

WINDY RIDGE - M Belfield (Staffordshire)

YARN - M Warburton (Greater Manchester)

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