Record Prices for Gritstones

Here are the lists of record prices for Derbyshire Gritstone tups and females.

There is also a list of the all time leading tup prices.

Record Priced Tups

Aged tup - 3,400gns - D Eggleton to Sam Barrett

Shearling tup - 4,500gns J&C Kempson to Rob Evans

Tup lamb - 2,800gns M Tattersall to Rob Evans

Top Priced Tups

John & Craig Kempson (shearling tup) 4,500gns to Rob Evans (2018)
Robert Fielden (shearling tup) 4,200gns to Peter Cooper (2018)
Robert Fielden (shearling tup) 4,000gns to Stephen Charles (2020)
Robert Fielden (shearling tup) 3,800gns to John & Craig Kempson (2020)
Tim Harding (shearling tup) 4,000gns to Megan Needham (2016)
Clive Mitchell (shearling tup) - 3,800gns to Stephen Charles (2017)
Megan Needham & Josh Redfearn (shearling tup) 3,500gns to David Eggleton (2018)
David Eggleton (2-shear tup) 3,400gns to Sam Barratt (2018)
David Eggleton (shearling tup) - 3,200gns to Jim Scriven (2017)
John Pickard (shearling tup) - 3,200gns to Clive Mitchell (2015)
David Eggleton (shearling tup) - 3,000gns to Tim Harding (2016)
Phillip Read (shearling tup) - 2,850gns to Riley Bros (1990s)
Ken Clarke (2-shear) - 2,800gns to John Pickard (1990s)
Mark Tattersall (tup lamb) 2,800gns to Rob Evans (2018)
S Whitehead (shearling tup) 2,800gns to Clive Mitchell (2018)

Highest Priced Derbyshire Gritstone Tups
Highest Priced Derbyshire Gritstone Fema

Top Priced Females

Aged ewe - 600gns Megan Needham & Josh Redfearn to Alice Hayton

Shearling ewe - 1,400gns J&C Kempson to Megan Needham & Josh Redfearn

Ewe lamb - £450 J Eggleton to Melissa Bean