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Record Prices for Gritstones

Here are the lists of record prices for Derbyshire Gritstone tups and females.

There is also a list of the all time leading tup prices.

Record Priced Tups

Aged tup - 4,200gns

Sandra Eggleton to Jim Mares

Shearling tup - 6,200gns

Philip Read to D Eggleton

Tup lamb - 2,800gns (joint record)

John Eggleton to Joe Mitchell


M Tattersall to Rob Evans

Top Priced Tups

Philip Read (shearling tup) - 6,200gns to D Eggleton (2021)

Paul Dixon (shearling tup) - 6,000gns to Sandra Eggleton (2023)

John & Craig Kempson (shearling tup) - 4,500gns to Rob Evans (2018)
Sandra Eggleton (5-shear tup) - 4,200gns to Jim Mares (2023)

Robert Fielden (shearling tup) - 4,200gns to Peter Cooper (2018)
Robert Fielden (shearling tup) - 4,000gns to Stephen Charles (2020)
A Sunderland (shearling tup) - 4,000gns to Richard Greenwood (2021)

Tim Harding (shearling tup) - 4,000gns to Megan Needham (2016)
Robert Fielden (shearling tup) - 3,800gns to John & Craig Kempson (2020)

Clive Mitchell (3-shear tup) - 3,800gns to J & M Redfearn (2023)

Clive Mitchell (shearling tup) - 3,800gns to Stephen Charles (2017)
Megan Needham & Josh Redfearn (shearling tup) - 3,500gns to David Eggleton (2018)

Jim Mares (shearling tup) - 3,500gns to Richard Greenwood (2022)

David Eggleton (2-shear tup) - 3,400gns to Sam Barratt (2018)
David Eggleton (shearling tup) - 3,200gns to Jim Scriven (2017)
John Pickard (shearling tup) - 3,200gns to Clive Mitchell (2015)
Peter Mitchell (aged tup) - 3,200gns to Cardwell Farms (2022)

David Eggleton (shearling tup) - 3,000gns to Tim Harding (2016)
Phillip Read (shearling tup) - 2,850gns to Riley Bros (1990s)
John Eggleton (tup lamb) - 2,800gns to Joe Mitchell (2021)

Ken Clarke (2-shear) - 2,800gns to John Pickard (1990s)
Mark Tattersall (tup lamb) 2,800gns to Rob Evans (2018)
S Whitehead (shearling tup) 2,800gns to Clive Mitchell (2023)

S Whitehead (shearling tup) 2,800gns to Clive Mitchell (2018)

Clive Mitchell (2-shear tup) - 2,800gns to Stephen Charles (2023)

Top 4 Tup Prices (2023).jpg
Highest Priced Derbyshire Gritstone Females 2021.jpg

Top Priced Females

Aged ewe - 600gns

Megan Needham & Josh Redfearn to Alice Hayton

Shearling ewe - 1,400gns

J&C Kempson to Megan Needham & Josh Redfearn

Ewe lamb - £650

J&C Kempson to Grace Bretherton

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