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Registering Sheep

Membership entitles breeders to the inspection, marking and registration of sheep which conform to the Society’s standards for the breed.

The Rules

All recognised and pure-breed Derbyshire Gritstone’s shall be graded in accordance with the following rules:
1. Inspection of sheep shall take placed from 15th August to 15th November in each year

2. There are two registrars in attendance when possible

3. Sheep which pass their inspection by the registrars shall be known as registered sheep. These sheep shall be eligible for entry in the Society annual show and sale of registered breeding rams and ewes held at Clitheroe each October. These sheep will be identified by an eartag and/or tattoo inserted by the registrar as explained below.

4. Every flock of sheep shall have a registered prefix, which has been registered with the secretary for a fee before its first use. The fee as of 2015 is £20

5. Ear tags should be purchased by the member of the society, they should bear the Flock Prefix as registered with the society and be numbered consecutively. No number shall be duplicated

6. Only registrars are authorised to insert a prefixed tag. The registrars are responsible for submitting tag details to the secretary which are then recorded on a database stating date of registration (and re-registration in cases when registered as a ram lamb)

7. It was decided at the 2010 committee meeting that rams should not be classed as being fully registered until they are a shearlings. However, ram lambs still have to of been graded before they can be sold at the DGSS annual sale of breeding rams and ewes at Clitheroe held each October.  Ram lambs accepted will be tagged in the left ear. However, they will not be fully registered until they are re-inspected as shearlings, at which point they will be tattooed DGSS in the right ear.

8. Shearling rams will be tattooed DGSS in the right ear and tagged in the left ear

9. Ewes and ewe lambs accepted will be tattooed DGSS in the left ear

10. Fees payable to the Society on inspection of sheep shall be decided by the Committee of the Society. Fees are currently:

  • Charge of £5 for the society (waived for first two years of society membership)

  • Charge of £10 to cover travelling cost of registrars

  • Ewes and ewe lambs £2.00

  • Ram lambs £8.00 on first inspection plus addition £2.00 when re-registered as shearlings

  • Rams shearlings and over £10

2019 High Moor Derbyshire Gritstone Tups
Top priced Derbyshire Gritstone (R) at C

The Registrars

Eli Tattersall - 07889072948 - Lancashire

Robert Fielden - 07810536348 Todmorden, West Yorkshire

Joe Mitchell - 07598182825 - Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Rob Evans - 07734301070 - Derbyshire

Neil Muffitt - 01484 851851 - Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

Josh and Megan Redfearn – 07468089590 / 07730206499 - Derbyshire and Cheshire

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